Clojars Worklog - 2023

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This worklog covers work performed on Clojars under a contract from the Clojurists Together Foundation. The contract covers general maintenance.

December 2023

Commit Logs: clojars-web, infrastructure

This month I released the permissions system rewrite, updated the release logic to require a license in the POM for all releases, and made a few other minor improvements:

On the infrastructure front, I added disk space and SQS queue delay alarms so we can be better informed of when things go wrong.

November 2023

Commit Logs: clojars-web, infrastructure

I rewrote the permissions system this month to support project-level scoping, allowing delegation of deploy rights to a user for a subset of projects under a group. This was released in December.

I also made improvements to the AMI release process.

October 2023

September 2023

Commit Logs: clojars-web

Most of September was vacation, but I did make a few improvements towards the end of the month:

August 2023

Author: Toby Crawley

Created: 2023-12-31 Sun 12:06